What is the process for an EV charger installation?

27th August 2021
As you would imagine, fitting an Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point is not a one size fits all exercise. There are certain variables that need to be considered and technical information that needs to be gathered before we can accurately access and quote for an installation. It’s not a lot but we need your help to do it!

The simplest and quickest way to gather the information we need is by conducting what we call a ‘7-Point Desktop Survey’. This survey helps us identify the ease or complexity of an installation by means of photographs and information that you can supply us with which allows us to make recommendations before we visit to install.

When you make an enquiry about having an electric vehicle charge point installed, the first thing we need to know is the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) so that we can gain permission from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the property to fit a charge point. The MPAN can be found on your electricity bill or meter.

To get an idea of the property and installation details we will ask you to supply us with a few photographs and a sketch – don’t worry, you don’t need an art degree to do this!

The first three images are of the gas bonding, the water bonding and the isolator switch. You would normally be able to identify the bonding by a green and yellow cable coming from pipes very close to and around your gas metre and very close to and around your stop tap.

It’s important to point out that some newer houses have plastic water pipes which do not require earth bonding. We need to ensure that the bonding is correct because when we complete your installation we need to issue an electrical certificate BS7671 which is only possible with proof that the pipes are correctly bonded.

The images below can help you identify these items but essentially we need to see that the pipes within your house have been earthed.

The isolator switch will be located very close to your metre and fuse board. It controls the incoming power from the road into your property. If you haven’t got an isolator switch then your local energy company or your local DNO will fit one for you, however there is sometimes a charge for this depending on the energy company and the distribution network.
Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation Staffordshire
We then need a photo of your fuse board with the flap open, showing the incoming fuse and then an image from about 2 – 3 metres back showing the surroundings of the meter and the fuse board. They may be in slightly separate locations in that one is inside and one is on an outside wall but we need an image of both from a short distance.

The final images are of where you would ideally like the charge point to be positioned. We would need one close up image and one set back between 5-10 metres so that we can get an overall impression of the house and the charge point position in relation to it. When considering the charge point installation position think about where your electric vehicle will be parked.

In the sketch we would like you to show us where the desired location of the charge point is in relation to the meter and the fuse board showing potential route for the cabling. Again see the example diagram below. We are not looking for great detail, just a rough idea.

Please indicate if you live in a semi detached house, a terraced house, or your house has been extended because your meter and fuse board may not be located on, or close to an outside wall.

Our aim is to get the cabling outside of the property as quickly as possible and if a meter or fuse board is in the middle of the house it can create an extra complication which is it helpful to know about before we arrive.
Electric Vehicle Charge Point Installation Staffordshire
There seems like a lot to do so here’s a quick check list:

1. MPAN from your electricity bill
2. Photos of gas bonding and water bonding
3. Photo of isolator switch
4. Photo of fuse board and meter
5. Photo of desired installation position
6. Photo of house
7. Sketch of cabling route

Once we have this information from you we can create an accurate quote for installation and you can start choosing your charge point. For information on choosing your charge point read our article here.

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