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The NFU has set the ambitious goal of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions across the whole of agriculture in England and Wales by 2040*, making the sector a key player in achieving global net zero emissions. The opportunities for farming to transition to electrification are increasing rapidly from drone technology to electric tractors. Farm shops and farm owned car parks can also provide charge points for staff, visitors and customers thereby increasing revenue opportunities and longer visit times.

Farm land is often remote and requires resilient equipment with high 'online' times and robust reliability. Farms may also have local renewable power generation which can be harnessed to charge electric vehicles (EVs).

EVC Solutions can join with the land owners to provide:

• Charge point operating firmware and software
• Ownership and operating model options
• Revenue generation model options
• Power connections
• Solar and Battery Storage systems
• AC Technology (Fast 7-22 kW charging)
• DC Technology (Ultra Fast 100-350 kW charging)

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“EVC pointed me in the right direction to get the government grant I needed to reduce the cost of installing a charge point. When they had installed the charge point we had some difficulty syncing the app and the car but with EVC’s support the iPhone gremlin was resolved. The EVC engineers were friendly and tidy and I want to say a big thank you!”
Sam. Business Owner. Newcastle.


Business Owner, Newcastle
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