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About EVC Solutions

Understanding the process of having EV charge points installed can be an overwhelming task. EVC Solutions are specialists in electric vehicle charge point installation for a wide range of businesses in the commercial, agriculture, and residential markets, with a national network of trained installers. We are passionate about providing the safest chargers, with minimised environmental impact so that we don’t add to the problem but are part of the solution. Join us on our journey!

Circular and transparent business strategy

New petrol and diesel cars will no longer be registered in the UK after 2030. EVC Solutions understand the challenges of ‘going green’ and the importance of maintaining integrity, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and as such we have signed up to the UN’s Pledge to Net Zero initiative.
Be part of the future today.

Call EVC on 03300 904030 or hit the CHARGE ME UP button below.

Partnering for the planet, your safety and our future.


With manufacturers and suppliers for the best product.
With clients for a service that makes it easy to switch.
With a network of approved and qualified installers.

The Planet

EVC are working toward minimum carbon impact through best practice.

Reduced waste and packaging.
Transparent business practices.
Achieving SDGs 9, 11, 12,13 and 17.
Circular economic strategy.

Your Safety

Our guaranteed checklist for your safety.

Pre-Installation safety checks.
Fully compliant installation.
Earth safety protection assured.
Specialist 250 point test on completion.

OZEV authorised installers.

Our Future

We can’t predict the future but we can influence it with how we do business now.

Our commitment is to provide the safest charge points in the simplest way. Partnering with suppliers to reduce packaging, transportation and consume less resources.

We believe in a circular economy and aim to make it possible in the services and products we provide.

Doing business that won’t cost the earth.


Adrian Cooper
Business Partnering

Adrian Cooper EVC Solutions Ltd, Staffordshire

Nigel Ryan
Supplier & Business Partnering

Nigel Ryan EVC Solutions Ltd, Staffordshire

Jayne Cooper
Client Partnering

Jayne Cooper EVC Solutions Ltd, Staffordshire
“EVC pointed me in the right direction to get the government grant I needed to reduce the cost of installing a charge point. When they had installed the charge point we had some difficulty syncing the app and the car but with EVC’s support the iPhone gremlin was resolved. The EVC engineers were friendly and tidy and I want to say a big thank you!”
Sam. Business Owner. Newcastle.


Business Owner, Newcastle
EVC Solutions Staffordshire Accreditation
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