Taking Up The Net Zero Challenge on Chargers

17th February 2021
The UK is arguable going to need somewhere between 50 to 100 million electric vehicle charge points installed before 2030 to service the complete change from the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

This is a huge undertaking that will also have an impact on the environment and create its own carbon footprint.

One of the many issues facing this challenge is the sustainability and environmental impact of the charge point, it’s associated components and the installation process. At EVC we believe that electric vehicle chargers should be made in sustainable ways.

Good choices are being made about switching to BEVs and the sustainable and renewable nature of the electricity used to ‘fuel’ the vehicles. Those considerations should carry through to the charging installation and equipment and thereby reduce the impact of the whole cycle.

As we have started to work on our own purchasing decisions and scrutinised our working practices, we have found that information around charge point installation is either not broadly available, or in some cases, not even understood.

Therefore, as electric vehicle charger installation specialists, we have decided to make a difference and be the change that needs to happen, starting now.

EVC Solutions Ltd has signed-up formally, to both the ‘Race to Zero’ United Nations scheme to commit to action that will help us all make a contribution to a 1.5°C cap on global average temperatures, and the ‘Pledge to Net Zero’ initiatives.

We are committed to embedding these principles into our business at a strategic planning level.

This means working on our product ranges and processes with our suppliers and partners to make informed choices on what we install. We are also modifying the installation process to reduce our carbon footprint.

We will track and report how we are doing, aligned to the frameworks we have signed up to, for both net-zero schemes.

You might be thinking that the charger is just a very small part of the BEV picture and one that you shouldn’t really be too concerned about.

If you think of it like the supermarket plastic carrier bag’ initiative, at a personal level you may buy only a few bags, but nationally we use a huge amount of plastic purely because there are so many of us.

Let’s look at chargers in a similar way.

At EVC we do business that won’t cost the earth. Be part of the future, today.

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