Range anxiety falls as charge points increase.

November 27, 2023

Long-distance trips are no longer the anxiety-inducing journies they used to be. With over 80,000 connectors in the UK and updated figures due next week, charging on the road is becoming easier and less of a worry.

New research from ev.energy has found 58% of electric vehicle (EV) drivers are confident in planning long-distance trips.

The survey also revealed 77% of respondents have never, rarely or occasionally experienced concerns about their vehicle’s range.

27% of drivers are now opting solely for home charging, but 52% of EV drivers still don’t feel there are enough public EV charge points in convenient locations across the UK with only 6% saying there are plenty of nearby locations.

William Goldsmith, Head of Grid and Data Services at ev.energy, said: 'This data shows us EV drivers are confident in their at-home charging options. However, it's vital to invest more in supporting the public charging infrastructure and allowing for more affordable public charging. This will ensure drivers feel confident in making the switch from petrol to electric and allow those that don’t have access to a driveway to reap the cost and sustainability benefits of an EV.'

Investment in more public EV charging needs to accelerate if the public is to have confidence they won't be left powerless, especially those who won't have access to home charging facilities.

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