Pledge to Net Zero

28th February 2022
The sole focus of EVC Solutions business is that of providing our clients with their own infrastructure to charge Electric Vehicles, we don’t do anything but this.

When we set up the business, we made this key decision recognising that our clients would benefit from our focus, as we believe the job to be done, is both important and potentially broad-reaching in terms of its impact on your business.

We therefore felt that guidance and advice on making this shift be effective for you is as important as the mechanics of installing systems that function and deliver the ability to charge vehicles where you need to, not at some central or remote charging station.

You are making this journey as part of your commitment to ‘decarbonise’ your business.

We think it is as important that the charging installations we provide and how we run our business is also committed to that same ‘decarbonisation’ effort.

After all, you’ve chosen an EV to reduce your CO2 footprint and probably fuel that with electricity generated through renewable technology, why would you want to work with a charge system supplier which isn’t committed to a low carbon impact to continue that great work?

So, EVC Solutions has made a ‘Net-Zero Pledge’ and is on that same journey with you.

As part of our pledge, we have to record our Carbon Footprint, have committed to a ‘science-based target’ reduction of our footprint toward achieving a global reduction in the temperature of our planet to a maximum of 1.5 Deg. C higher than it is today by 2030.

We actually intend and have created plans to be a Net Zero Carbon business by that same date.

There is much to do and many changes to deliver in committing our business to that goal.

We will talk much more about that and share with you our progress each year between now and 2030.

We are sharing with you our progress since 2020 in the Carbon Footprint (CO2e) data here and a report on the key achievements in the UK around providing the necessary infrastructure to continue to support your transition away from ICE vehicles to an EV future.

Read the report here.

We will also commit to sharing key achievements in our changes; successes and thoughts on some key things we are trying to influence with our suppliers where we can’t succeed on our own.

Partnerships are critical to helping us all get this job done and in the spirit of that, we are open to dialogue with you at any time, so the phone and e-mail are ready for that whenever you feel the need.

We thank you for your commitment, which of course to us means more installation opportunities with you!
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Be part of the future, today.

Nigel Ryan
Supplier and Business Partnering
EVC Solutions Ltd

At EVC we do business that won’t cost the earth.

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