COP 26

1st November 2021
The New Scientist publication on 23rd October 2021 has a really interesting Special Report on the upcoming COP 26 meeting in Glasgow.

The article headlines with a really important question; ‘What will success look like at the crucial Climate Conference’.

We’ve all seen how the Conference Chair – Alok Sharma, has been fiercely lobbying around the world, meeting the key deal makers and breakers, ahead of the Conference in an energetic attempt to secure pre-Conference commitment to attending and to reveal their mindset on past and future commitments.

We’re slipping really badly away from the 1.5 deg. C target for controlling the post-industrial increase in global temperatures the scientists are telling us is a critical number below which we must remain in order to protect the planetary eco-structures necessary to sustain human existence, as we know it today.

The New Scientist article sets out the challenge Governments face quite plainly.

Global emissions of CO2 are currently running at around 40 billion tonnes and we need to see that drop by an enormous amount, something like 20-23 billion tonnes, which is 50% plus versus where we are today by 2030.

The article sets out 5 key agreement outputs from the Conference which it regards as vital, if we are to achieve a CO2 reduction trajectory which will enable getting near that target of a max increase in global temperature of 1.5 Deg C in that timeframe.

It’s a very succinct way of identifying the outputs from the Conference which are necessary and therefore to help us judge if it has been a success, or the unthinkable otherwise.

It’s a 30-minute read and we recommend it as a great way of understanding what to look for in Glasgow’s meetings which start on November 1st.

We’ll run a follow-up blog at the end of the Conference to check in and see how the collective have done in taking the right decisions to protect our planet.

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