Circular economy is a recipe for success

20th April 2021
When I ordered my first electric vehicle (BEV) I must say that I felt pretty good about myself. I had renewable energy coming into my property and a car that was no longer going to be burning fossil fuel every time I turned on the ignition.

The link between these two ‘clean’ elements was the electric vehicle charge point. I had thought about the functionality, the cost and the installation, but I had not given consideration to the environmental impact of the product.

At EVC Solutions we’ve been talking about this as the EV Sandwich. We can have our two virtuous slices of bread but the filling needs to be as good, if not better, to complete the experience.

This is why we have committed ourselves to attaining a circular model of business where integrity, transparency and sustainability are at our core.

Sino-Swedish electric car manufacturers Polestar (part-owned by Volvo) have recently announced their desire to build a commercial car that leaves the factory gates with a zero-carbon footprint by 2030.

Think about that for a moment – a mass produced car that has absolutely no negative environmental impact.

Recent research has suggested that ‘offsetting’ schemes, where a company might plant a number of trees to counter their carbon footprint, is not sustainable in the long run and therefore alternative solutions must be found.

The Polestar 0 project will be characterised by innovative and circular design, including circular batteries, recycled materials and renewable energy across the supply chain.

Polestar’s Head of Sustainability Fredrika Klarén said “As an electric car maker, we don’t have to worry about combustion engines producing toxic emissions, but that doesn’t mean our job is done. Now we must focus all our efforts on cutting emissions in the supply chain and in the production of our cars. This is a historic and exciting time for car makers, an opportunity to seize the moment and do better. For the first time we can dare to dream about a future with climate-neutral, circular but still beautiful cars, and the human right of air that is cleaner to breathe,”

A crucial first step on Polestar’s journey is full transparency, without which all other efforts are invalid. A product sustainability declaration will be published for all Polestar models, starting with disclosing the carbon footprint, and also traced materials. This information will be on the company website and in Polestar spaces. The same will be done for all future models.

This is a massive undertaking for Polestar, but at the same time it is incredibly inspiring.

Similar to Polestar, EVC Solutions have recognised the need to consider every part of the manufacturing, purchasing, and installation processes of the electric vehicle charge point. We are working toward a goal of carbon neutrality, removing the negative effects on our environment.

We are looking at using less construction materials, cleaner transportation, smaller packaging, innovative design, stronger safety protection systems, end-of-life treatment and more.

Installation safety and integrity about our environmental impact are our core values. The way we do business now affects all our futures. That’s why we partner with suppliers and clients to ensure the best charging solutions to minimise carbon footprint.

Going back to our EV Sandwich analogy, you wouldn’t want to spoil some great artisan baking with anything less than the perfect filling. It could ruin the entire experience, and leave a nasty taste in all our mouths.

Adrian Cooper
Client Partnering
EVC Solutions Ltd

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