Can I plug my EV into a 3-pin socket at home?

27th September 2021
There are a number of questions that new drivers of Electric Vehicles ask, and this one is high up the list:

Do I really need an electric vehicle charge point installed at home or can I just plug my car straight into a 3 pin socket on the wall?

When you first take delivery of your electric vehicle it is likely that you won’t have had a charge point installed at home yet. You might have access to one at your workplace but you may find that you need to charge your vehicle overnight too and that would mean plugging the car into a standard 13 amp socket like you would when charging your phone. As a temporary measure this is fine but installing a dedicated EV charge point is the recommended, and safer solution. EV chargers are quicker, more cost-effective, and smarter.

A dedicated 7.3Kw charge point charges faster than a 3 pin plug which can only draw up to 3Kw at best. To give you an idea of what that means, it can take 13 hours to fully charge a Nissan Leaf from a plug socket but under 5 hours with a dedicated charge point, and for that charge you will get up to 239 miles of driving.

Using a 3 pin plug to charge can also raise some safety concerns as charging an EV draws a lot of electricity and a substandard extension lead could be susceptible to over-heating. A dedicated EV charger bypasses your 13Amp ring main and connects directly to your fusebox.

Not only are they quicker and safer but a smart charge point will also communicate with your electric vehicle, allowing you to take advantage of cheaper energy tariff times, charging your car when supply levels are high but demand is low, and you can also make use of the mobile app control facilities.

No more queueing at petrol stations, and no more polluting exhaust fumes. It’s time to make the change.

Be part of the future, today.

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